Throughout my eighteen year career, I have taken multiple fire service courses from Chief Bryant and each time I walk away with a greater sense of knowledge and valuable information. I then take this new found awareness and information back to the firehouse and pass it down to my crews. From the Management classes to Command classes I am now able to put more slides into my playbook. Higher education is an essential part of creating a positive change for the future. The fire service, as well as how day to day operations our completed, has greatly changed. In order to prepare to become a leader in the fire service you need a deeper knowledge of: how a budget is generated and spent, financial management, organizing department human relations, master and strategic planning, and most of all ethics. The education I have gained has taught me that having a command presence both at a fire incident and also in the firehouse sets the tone for my crews.

Paule Medeiros

Fire Captain, South San Francisco Fire Department
I have been taking fire service classes for 18 years. Chief Bryant is one of the most dynamic instructors I have ever learned from. His depth of experiences lend to a unique learning opportunity. I have never been bored in one of his classes. His command methodology is applicable at any fire service rank. The same basic principles and processes are used on any type or size of incident, which will greatly increase the confidence of any prospective incident commander. I recently took the Battalion Chief test for the first time and did very well on the assessment center, ranking number one. I contribute that success to the processes I learned in Chief Bryant’s classes. I would highly recommend Elite Command Training and Chief Bryant to anyone in the fire service who is seeking classes to help them to do their job better.

Chad Wilson

Fire Captain, City of Folsom Fire Deparment
I am a relatively new Captain who has been taking Chief Bryant’s classes to improve my skills as a Company Officer. After taking Command 2B from Chief Bryant, I was the first-in Captain on what eventually became a level III Haz Mat Incident. I performed my initial protective actions and then helped my BC as a Chief’s aid and assigned incoming alarms to different groups and tactical channels. Thanks to the realistic scenarios that I was challenged with in class, the actual incident fel like second nature. I recommend Chief Bryant’s classes to anyone in the Fire Service who wants to learn more about incident management, quality leadership and fire department dynamics.

Hooman Ghazanfari

Fire Captain, Sacramento Fire Department
I want to compliment you (ECT) on the outstanding presentation on Fire Ground Risk Assessment. I have to say your information and delivery were excellent and left the audience with many great thoughts and understanding on Fire Ground Risks. Thank you.

Vinny Coulehan

Chief, Ardsley Fire Department
I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the great experience I had in the S-404 class. Thank you for your time, passion and willingness to pass along some of your knowledge and experience. I will certainly be applying lessons learned and look forward to seeing you in the future.

Scott Westrope

Fire Captain, City of Santa Rosa Fire Department
I would like to thank Chief Bryant for putting the process of fire command into a easy to use and understandable process that can be used immediately for success on the fire ground. I recently took Fire Command 2E ( Wildland Firefighting Tactics) from Chief Bryant before my recent Battalions Chiefs test and came out number one in the Wildland Simulation by using his command methods which ultimately helped me get the position. On the other two scenarios I was using a different instructors approach and almost over analyzed and ORGANIZED myself out of the job. Overall, Chief Bryant’s command processes and methods have been proven to work on the fire ground and in the promotional process.

Eric Walder

Battalion Chief, South Placer Fire
Chief Bryant’s classes are extremely applicable to the present day fire service. His instructional methodology is second to none when it comes to disseminating information that can be applied in a variety of ways to each and every fire ground, fire house, or in a fire management position. His classes are extremely dynamic, never stale or boring, and he keeps each and every student involved with the class lectures. There is never a feeling of intimidation when he answers your questions and he is very approachable on a variety of subjects and subject matters. I currently hold the rank of Engineer/Paramedic, but with the knowledge base I have attained from his Level 2 Management classes, I feel I am definitely on the right track while trying to prepare for the next promotional exams. Thank you Chief Bryant.

Mike Querry

Engineer/Paramedic, City of Folsom Fire Department
As I come to the completion of the Chief Fire Officer Certification Track (Command/Management) with Chief Bryant, I have been challenged both professionally and personally. His educational teaching style is geared towards motivating individuals who strive for more than a certificate. His ability to challenge you to better your understanding of the leadership roll you are taking on feels more like a mentorship than just a class. This personal connection that was created has kept me coming back to Chief Bryant’s ECT classes to further understand the art of Leadership and Fire Service Management. With the two fold dynamics of poor fire service succession planning and department budgets tight as ever, this is by far the best way one can prepare for the seat of command.

Martin Cordeiro

Fire Captain, Sacramento City Fire Department
Yesterday we had a drill which involved a large area search in a warehouse filled with smoke. I was the IC and I felt like I was right in the classroom with you. It was great. I communicated my command priorities, strategies and tactics and built my incident organization/structure from there. I felt very much in control with all of my resources being assigned and tracked. I heard you from the beginning regarding strategy, “What are we trying to do here.” I really appreciate your time with the Command course and it sure has made a huge difference for me.

Aaron Lee

Fire Captain, Berkeley Fire Department