Chief, Thanks for a great lecture and class during the Salem Oregon Firefighter Safety Symposium. There were several “big guns” at the symposium, but I got the most out of your class by far. I wish it was earlier in the weekend, as I would like to have stayed to talk with you about a true dedicated fire response, as we are the transporting ambulance agency and use fire fighters for that.

Mark Taylor

Captain, Bend Fire & Rescue
Chief, I am not sure exactly how to put into words how much I appreciate you and your wildland presentation and lessons learned from the burnover at your Fire Camp 16 during the Station Fire. It was more than I expected and I walked away with so much, as well as, has caused me to look introspective of myself and ask if I am doing everything I should be.

Richard Graeber

Fire Chief, Upper Pine Fire Protection Disctrict
Chief Bryant – Greetings from the great state of Ohio! I would like to say thank you again for the excellent presentation in Pickerington, Ohio. I walked away from your presentation with a more focused outlook on how we will attack fires in Newark, Ohio in the future.

Doug Vermaaten

Captain, Newark Fire Department
Chief, The command course (along with BC Indoc training) has been the best training I have attended in 25 years with the Dept. It was great (and much needed) reinforcement of the decision making process, size up, and 8 components of the IAP. I’m glad the Dept. is supporting this Command course series, and glad to hear that this year’s BC training will include command of firefighter emergencies. I’m interested in continuing to reinforce my understanding of this stuff. I would like to include some of concepts you taught with the captains in my battalion.

John Boyle

Battalion Chief, Los Angeles County Fire Department
We attended your seminar on March 25, 2009 on “Risk Assessment and Decision Making Process” and we would like to forward this information onto our department. We thoroughly enjoyed your time.

John Mercs

Battlion Chief, Beaver Creek Township Fire Department
Thanks for a great class! I learned a lot and enjoyed the content. The class was entertaining and definitely increased my knowledge of what I need to be looking for as a formal safety officer, as well as a company officer. Thanks again for the class.

Scott Freedman

Captain, Novato Fire Protection District
I never got the chance to say thank you for this class, it has obviously been one of the most important and worthwhile classes I have ever taken. Since I have come back, we have already begun to discuss the information from the class and share it with as many personnel as we can. I really appreciate the work you do in sharing this information with the fire service as we look to reduce our injury/death rates. Thanks again.

Eric Aasen

Division Chief, Santa Cruz Fire Department
Thank you for putting on a great class. I have to say it was the most interactive classroom-type course I’ve ever had. It definitely challenged what I’ve been taught and have experienced, as well as opened my eyes up to why things that have happened to me in the past did what they did. Again, thank you for your time and consideration on this issue and the on going issue of Safety.

Kevin McLean

Captain - Training Division, Cosumnes Fire Department
Chief Bryant, I just wanted to thank you for the great class. I was beginning to lose faith in the level two classes. I have been looking for a class where I walk away with lots to think about. I need to be challenged at this point in my career (and life for that matter) and the past few classes have been so uninspiring and focused on outdated material that I dreaded signing up. Your class was exactly what I needed and you have given me many things to work on and share with my Captain’s and colleagues. I called my Chief mid-week to give him an update on the class (and thank him for sending me) and for the first time since I was promoted I told him how the class was exactly what I needed. I told him the class was the perfect blend of reality, challenges, and great discussion with the sole intent of making me a better battalion chief. I can’t tell you enough how much your classes (State Fire Training Management Level ll) and insight helped prepare me for not only my assessment center, but my new position as a Battalion Chief. Some of the tasks in my assessment center (i.e. presentation to City Council members describing proposed cuts) was exactly what we did in class. In fact, it was harder in class due to the questions we all asked during our role playing. Thanks for pushing me.

Mike Keefe

Battalion Chief, City of San Mateo Fire Department