Thank you very much for teaching at our recent conference – we have received outstanding feedback from the class you taught. It was a pleasure to meet you and Sandy, and I look forward to having the opportunity to meet you again and hopefully to attend more of your classes.

Michael Kinkade

Chief Bryant: These are my thoughts regarding the Command 2A Class you taught last month. As I prepared my self for the Captains Exam, I spent a great amount of money and burned a number of vacation hours taking the Level 1 Classes. During our lunches – the County guys would talk about how much more we could get from the program if it was structured differently. With that being said – you have done it. In that week, I learned more about the expectations of a Company Officer, his or her Size-up and Command Transfer then I could have ever read and understood in any book or manual. As a member of the EMT Training Cadre and lecturing the last 15 Recruit Classes, I can appreciate your style of lecturing and it was very effective. The simulations were first class. Better than any that I’ve been involved in and I was so impressed that I am offering to get involved with Scanlon and Breshears and help out with role-playing as this is rolled out to the field or have a SME /Train the Trainer type of involvement. Although nervous about the expectations going into 2A – I’m looking forward to the future classes. I appreciate how you were able to teach to every level and I believe, every single person in the class took back with them a ton of useable information for their job – no matter what level or rank applied. That’s huge. My motivation for giving this feedback is to simply give credit – where credit is due. Great Job Chief and now I can see how Captains and Chiefs that I have grown to think so highly of over the years like Captain Rich Gracia and Chief Bruce Dean – think so highly of you.

Reggie Johnson

Captain, Los Angeles County Fire Department
As a twenty year veteran of the fire service, I have attended a large number of training classes, seminars, and exercises. These classes would probably number into the hundreds and span thousands of hours. In all that time, I can think of few, if any instructors , whom I have learned more from while enjoying the learning process than Chief Michael Bryant. In the last 5 years I can think of at least three classes I have taken from and each has been filled with information and experiences that I can and have applied. Chief Bryant is not just another instructor reciting the same required lesson that he has recited dozens of times before. He does not stomp the floor when a point might be a test question. He leads you through a process of examining options and the process of determining the answer much like one would have to do on an incident. It is the same process he has used managing many of this states and nation’s largest disasters. All of which are experiences that he is willing to share in order to make each student grow. He demonstrates the thought process, discipline and creativity required to safely mitigate incidents large and small. Few instructors have the ability to interact with adult students at the level Chief Bryant does in his classes. He not only remembers your name, but your department name, its Chief’s name, issues within the department, your position and where you are in your career development. He then puts you in positions in the class to try and get each student what they need in order to not only pass the exam, but to grow and be successful. In the past several months I have become aware of Chief Bryant instructing a series of classes. Because of this, I have re-arranged finances, changed vacation plans and made special plans in order to take this series of classes specifically from Chief Bryant because I believe his classes are of such a higher caliber than others I have taken. I will do my best not to pass on a learning opportunity being presented by Chief Bryant and I would suggest you don’t either!

Steven G. Becker

Captain, City of Napa Fire Department
I first took S-404 (Safety Officer) with Chief Bryant and after that experiance, I have jumped at each chance to learn from his other courses. The emphasis on communicating real leadership qualities and focusing on supporting the operational priorities has allowed me to function at a wide variety of emergency scenes and feel a true confidence in my decision making. I have left each class motivated to return to the firehouse and share the information with my entire crew. Thank you!

Brian Oliver

Captain & Paramedic, Moraga-Orinda Fire Protection District
I enjoyed the S404 class. Dynamic teaching and good class involvement. Would be interested in Level 2 Command Series.

Jason Falarski

Captain, Santa Clara County Fire Department
Excellent class for all ranks. I will recommend it to every rank to ensure a safer environment and commitment to Situational Awareness.

Jim Banister

Captain, Daly City Fire Department
I have found that the aspects of 20,000 ft. view, and the “$100.00 problems and answers” can be applied to numerous aspects of bureaucracy. In a discussion with our Economic Development Director and our City Manager, this topic came up. Their comments were, ‘I wish all my employees understood this.

Jeff Youngsma

Captain, Fremont Fire Department
Chief Mike Bryant presents courses that are like no other. They are based on real-world experience that you will not find in any textbook, and contain the must know information for every Company Officer and Chief Officer in the fire service. These courses will challenge you to push yourself to the limits and teach you what you don’t know, regardless of your rank and experience. I have gained confidence as a Company Officer on significant emergency incidents, mediating personnel conflicts and developed a strong leadership style that has made me a more effective member of the fire service. Chief Bryant, thank you for sharing your passion for the fire service!

Chris Greene

Captain, Sacramento Metro Fire District
When I first got promoted to BC, one of the classes that I feel prepared me fully to address fire ground safety was the S-404 class taught by Chief Bryant. Chief Mike Bryant brings his 30 years of experience to the classroom in a very dynamic, well prepared, and organized fashion with tons of real fire ground events in a motivating learning experience. He is very passionate about firefighter safety and as a student you feel the energy from his passion to teach you and makes you become “engaged” in the classroom, as well as being the best fire ground firefighter or officer you can be after you take his class. You realize from taking his class the seriousness of the business we are in and how focused we should be as an incident safety officer. Chief Bryant, through his S-404 class, prepares you for it. In addition, he brings his own personal fire ground experiences and he is candid to share and pass on lessons learned as anyone I have seen. I have taken the same class 3 times over a period of six years and every time he brings something new and different and that’s exactly why I will take it again. By far, Chief Bryant’s S-404 class has been the best Safety Officer class I have taken and one of the best, if not the best, fire service class I have taken. I can account during the last several years as San Jose Fire Department’s Safety Officer the many fire events and post incident analysis-investigations where I used many of his techniques and knowledge to my daily job duties.

Juan Diaz

Battalion Chief & Department Safety Officer, San Jose Fire Department