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I have taken my share of classes in 27 years but none has produced the kind of refreshing, passionate interaction that occurred at 3A in San Jose. I learned more, engaged to higher degree and subsequently I think our class produced more work than any 5 day class I have had up to this date. What is about an instructor, or facilitator as he would have you believe, that creates an environment that cultivates unsolicited thought from a cross section of folks who know it is no place to judge; rather it is place to share and take in all that is difficult and challenging as supervisors? My guess is that this is not by happenstance from Mike Bryant. With all that being said, I wish to thank Mike directly for sharing his abundance of knowledge on the subject in such a direct manner, which set the stage for a very enriching learning environment. I tried rearranging my schedule to get the next one but the class is full with a wait list. If that does not you something, maybe no one is looking.

Robert Ford

Battalion Chief, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Del Mar
I have taken many Fire related courses during my nearly 20 years of service. I typically drudge through them knowing that at the end of it all I will get that all powerful “Certificate of Completion” that I really came for. The opposite is true with any course taught by Mike Bryant. He is a dynamic instructor that forces you beyond your comfort level in order to facilitate an extraordinary learning environment. He challenges you in ways that are thought provoking, encouraging and inspiring. I would consider him a subject matter expert whose credibility as a Fire service professional is unsurpassed.” I am an aspiring Battalion Chief and feel confident that the information that Mike has imparted on me will assist in my promotional endeavors. More importantly, it has served to make me a more effective, efficient, and safe officer today. There are less expensive classes that offer the same certificate and, if all you want is a certificate then they are your best bet. But, if you want to venture beyond a check in the box, if you really want to become better at your craft, then sign up for any of Chief Mike Bryant’s courses and strap in! Thanks Chief and see you in the next class!

Becky Ramirez

Captain, West Sacramento City Fire
Chief Bryant, the Command 2A Class was the most beneficial class I have taken in regards to the fire captain position. I promoted 1 year ago and have been out of Operations for 10 years, 8 years in fire camps and 2 years in fire prevention. This class has helped me to understand the process of decision making and responsibility of an incident commander. The audio/visual content of the various incidents were invaluable, as well as the Fire Ground Survival portion. The command post simulations were very beneficial. The use of the size-up process, command process and IAP/transfer of command processes you presented really makes sense. I look forward to taking the rest of the Fire Command Series. Your dedication to command training is much appreciated. Thank You!!!

Ron Cornejo

Captain, Los Angeles County Fire Department
Chief, that was possibly the best command fire class I’ve ever attended and I’ve been to many now (Fire Science Cert., PM School, USAR, Fire Officer Cert. to name several). My brain was so stimulated from our week’s activities. I woke up early Saturday morning still thinking about fireground tactics and strategies! I’m not kidding! I think your participation made it especially valuable. You gave us cutting edge information and related it to real L.A. County F.D. incidents, while incorporating policies and procedures (present and future). You can’t beat that! I’m really excited about this Command series and am looking forward to the next class. Thank you.

Chris Judd

Captain, Los Angeles County Fire Department
Chief Mike Bryant is a dynamic, student centered teacher whose classroom instruction is made relevant and credible by virtue of his distinguished professional career. Through his personal experiences as an incident commander, Chief Bryant brings to life both the art and science of incident management. He provides a classroom setting that meets the needs of the adult learner. Students learn in an environment that is filled with collaboration and incorporates the personal experiences of each student. I found a perfect balance of theory and practice in Chief Bryant’s courses. I’ve greatly expanded my knowledge about the various components of incident management and successfully applied the principles he teaches in developing my incident management skills. My confidence and ability as an incident commander have improved greatly since completing my training with Chief Bryant. I would recommend that anybody seeking to improve their knowledge and understanding of incident management take a course taught by Chief Bryant.

James Voreyer

Battalion Chief, San Jose Fire Department
I just wanted to write and let you know how much impact your classes (Safety and Command) have had on me. I returned to work with a new and much-needed enthusiasm not only for my job but for my position as lieutenant. Somehow, in listening to you, a lot of things clicked. Sounds corny, but something inside of me truly was set into motion by the end of that week. Since then I have come to work feeling more confident and am better able to assess situations (identify the hazard) and tackle the job (mitigate it). I still need work, but I am more concise on the radio, doing my best to relay only critical information. I also feel much more connected to the people assigned to me each day. It feels good to understand our purpose and to relate it to the crew instead of just going through the motions. I honestly think you have made me a better firefighter and a better boss, and I am sincerely grateful to you. Thank you so much for sharing not only your time, but also for generously giving me so much of the data and discs in your collection–I have already put them to good use.

Dawn DeWitt

Lieutenant, San Francisco Fire Department
Mike, we all can’t thank you enough for the time, energy, preparation, quality of work and instruction which you provided San Jose Fire this past week. Upon hearing that I was going to be emailing you, multiple people came to me wanting to convey their gratitude and appreciation. You may never know the lives and property you saved by teaching this class, but I have no doubt that you have. I hope one day soon, we can provide video, audio and stories from San Jose where we were able to implement a decision making process and execute an incident action plan, which supported the incident’s priorities.

David Barnet

Captain, San Jose Fire Department
Hi Mike, I wanted to thank you for an excellent safety officer class this week. You really are the fire service’s version of an evangelist and I definitely felt renewed by your outlook and the passion by which you get your message across. For many of the scenarios that you covered- it’s so obvious that the troops were failed by their command. I am certain that the lessons learned emphasized by your dynamic and simple to understand perspective will save lives. I am absolutely committed to your line of thinking and will apply it daily to the folks I am responsible for. I will also insist that it be actively applied to my supervisors and instructors who are responsible for others. I really admire and somewhat envy your career accomplishments and the level of responsibility that you carry with your Department. Thanks again Mike.

Jack Rosevear

Department of Emergency Services, Sonoma County
Hello Chief Bryant, I took your class titled “Managing the Fire Ground” and decision making at the Jefferson County Fire School in Louisville, Kentucky. I thoroughly enjoyed your class and took much from it. It strengthened my perseverance in doing my part to make it better on many issues. Thank you!

Natalie Taylor

Captain, Jefferson City Fire Department