I learned more from the Chief Fire Officer courses that I have just completed through Elite Command Training than any other courses I have previously attended. The materials taught in these courses have great value, and I plan on sending my firefighters, engineers and fire officers to your future classes. The first class within the Chief Fire Officer series was by far the best class I have taken in my career, and the most timely. I look forward to the rest of the classes Elite Command Training offers.

Trent Schager

Fire Chief - Department of State Hospitals - Napa, Ca.
I recently was in Chief Bryant’s & Franklin’s all hazard safety officer class that my department hosted in Clackamas, Oregon. I want to thank both Mike & Dave for their time and instructing a great class that challenged me to think and look at things in so many new ways. I took so many positive safety items away from our class especially the personal stories and experiences really hit home. From real life scenarios, experiences and the unlucky misfortunes of others, which at times were hard to watch. I walked away from the class knowing some of the things I need to work on as a captain and carry with me into my next step as a battalion chief. I did not share in class but on Thursday when Mike was talking about what had personally changed him during a fire call where an unsupported mansard façade fell on one of his coworkers. After you showed the video in class and explained the incident there was a slide with pictures of faces of fallen firefighters. One of those faces was a close friend and former coworker of mine, (Lt. Randy Carpenter), who I worked with in the City of Coos Bay, Oregon. I spent the first four years of my career at Coos Bay before I cam up to the Portland area to work as a firefighter in the early 90’s. Ever since that horrible fire happened in 2002, I challenged myself to learn as much as I could about building construction and fire behavior to be as safe as possible at working fires for my coworkers and myself. You can never stop learning new things and you guy’s reaffirmed that. Thank you for your time and great class. I recommend your class to all firefighters who want to be challenged!

Tony Cordie

Captain, Clackamas Fire District 1

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Elite Command Training and their instructors for the expertise, knowledge and professionalism they conveyed during the Chief Officer 3 level series classes!  It was evident in everything they did in regard to teaching these courses.  They wanted to give all of us all the necessary tools for continued success and growth as a Company & Chief Officer.

After 29 years in the fire service, I have learned more during these 4 classes than many other classes combined.  Not only did they challenge us the curriculum topics took us out of our comfort zone.  Which is a a major component missing from "Walmart type" classes offered by other training companies.  I can't say enough about the dedicated and professional group of instructors at ETC!!  Thank You!!

Larry Petersen

Fire Captain - Santa Rosa Fire Department

Mike, It has been a pleasure and an honor to be involved with your classes.  I can honestly say they have been some of the best classes I have ever taken.  I have learned a lot.  I hope I can do you justice when instructing others as you have for us.  I hope to take more classes from you in the future.

Mitch Diehl

Fire Captain - County of Los Angeles Fire Department
Thank you so much for everything you’ve done!!!  The Chief Officer classes were outstanding; your company’s motto is perfect.  Your classes should be mandatory training for officers and chief officer candidates.  I especially love the process you’ve used to break down the BC’s job. I’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback from all the guys too. Thank You!!!

Kevin Kinney

Battalion Chief - County of Los Angeles Fire Department
Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us. These courses have been, by far, the best classes ever experienced. I look forward to completing the new curriculum Chief Fire Officer courses with you in the future.

Jason Robertson

Fire Captain - County of Los Angeles Fire Department
December 20, 2017 - I didn’t get a chance to thank you before you left. I attended all 4 classes of the Chief Officer classes in Folsom. I wanted to thank you and your team for a great series. I learned a lot that will stick with me and has definitely prepared me for the future. The diversity of instruction and the amount of content was great. Thanks for a great experience!  I will see you again in the STEN class in Jan 2018.

Bryan McLean

Fire Captain Cosumnes Fire Department
I have taken my share of classes in 27 years but none has produced the kind of refreshing, passionate interaction that occurred at 3A in San Jose. I learned more, engaged to higher degree and subsequently I think our class produced more work than any 5 day class I have had up to this date. What is about an instructor, or facilitator as he would have you believe, that creates an environment that cultivates unsolicited thought from a cross section of folks who know it is no place to judge; rather it is place to share and take in all that is difficult and challenging as supervisors? My guess is that this is not by happenstance from Mike Bryant. With all that being said, I wish to thank Mike directly for sharing his abundance of knowledge on the subject in such a direct manner, which set the stage for a very enriching learning environment. I tried rearranging my schedule to get the next one but the class is full with a wait list. If that does not you something, maybe no one is looking.

Robert Ford

Battalion Chief, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Del Mar
I have taken many Fire related courses during my nearly 20 years of service. I typically drudge through them knowing that at the end of it all I will get that all powerful “Certificate of Completion” that I really came for. The opposite is true with any course taught by Mike Bryant. He is a dynamic instructor that forces you beyond your comfort level in order to facilitate an extraordinary learning environment. He challenges you in ways that are thought provoking, encouraging and inspiring. I would consider him a subject matter expert whose credibility as a Fire service professional is unsurpassed.” I am an aspiring Battalion Chief and feel confident that the information that Mike has imparted on me will assist in my promotional endeavors. More importantly, it has served to make me a more effective, efficient, and safe officer today. There are less expensive classes that offer the same certificate and, if all you want is a certificate then they are your best bet. But, if you want to venture beyond a check in the box, if you really want to become better at your craft, then sign up for any of Chief Mike Bryant’s courses and strap in! Thanks Chief and see you in the next class!

Becky Ramirez

Captain, West Sacramento City Fire