Hello Chief Bryant, This is Richard Parker. The one thing I would like to point out about your Command/Management series is that it is relevant to today’s fire service. Not only did it prepare me for the test, but more importantly, it prepared me and gave me confidence during the first few shifts of work. As you know this is a very dynamic position with many demands and your courses have helped me understand those demands better. I can hardly wait to finish the series. I highly recommend this series for anyone looking to advance in the fire service and meet the challenges we as officers faces today. Chief Bryant feel free to use any of my comments.

Eric Parker

Battalion Chief, Yuba City Fire Department
I also would like to take the time to personally thank you for your passion and giving back to the fire service. Taking your classes, listening to some of your shared experiences have been inspiring! As an aspiring Fire Chief myself, I hope to take a little piece of what I have learned through your wisdom, teachings and your shared experiences as a leader, and work towards becoming a better leader myself. Thank you again!

Brad L. Lopez

Captain, Winters Fire Department
This week I received my final cert for the Chief Officer series and I’ll be driving up to Sacramento to turn it all in. It’s been a great series and I have benefited much from Elite Command Training’s staff. The instructors have a great way to present the information in “firefighter speak” that has really helped me become more comfortable in the seat of command (and the seat of management – sometimes even more uncomfortable!). Just as important to me is the friendships and relationships I have built with the staff and my fellow students as I worked through the certification courses. It has been very fulfilling for me personally and professionally. Please pass on my thanks to your entire staff, especially to (you), Chief Tripp and Chief Franklin. If I can ever be of service in any way, please let me return the favor!

Zach Curren

Captain, City of Napa Fire Station 4