Elite Command Training (ECT) is an instructional service company committed to providing the highest quality education, training, command, leadership, management, and consulting services for agencies and firefighters of all departments and ranks. ECT’s instruction and promotional mentoring courses are facilitated by nationally experienced emergency professionals to help improve knowledge, skills, abilities, and performance for individual adult learners, emergency service agencies, Corporations, and Governments at local, state, national and international levels.


To have purpose you must have passion. Elite Command Training’s passion is focused towards the “adult learners” who are full of life experiences, knowledge, goal & relevancy oriented, autonomus, self-directed, and very practical. If that is the case, then why are so many adult learners frustrated with the way classroom/training learning environments are delivered today? We have heard you here at Elite Command Training – and enough is enough! We are not going to waste your valuable time. No more classes that you “pay the fee to receive a B.” Our experienced instructors will “frame it and say it”! They will get to the point and provide you with the essential education, training, and learning experiences in relevant environments that will stimulate all your learning senses.

In addition, all course curriculum will be delivered in a very unique, but pragmatic style so students reach their potential for greater success that much quicker. Our goal is to reinforce those significant learning points so students can immediately incorporate this knowledge into their current work position/environment. While the adult learner’s job performance will increase, personal and professional benefits will be long lasting.

The experienced instructors here at Elite Command Training believe in the Nordstrom’s philosophy, to “offer the customer the best service, selection, quality, and value.” It’s about time you stopped shopping for your future educational needs with Walmart style of instruction that makes you want to stick a pencil in your eye!

Knowledge is power and experience is a must. The instructors recruited by Elite Command Training are experts in the industry and have served on a plethora of “all risk” emergency incidents and rescue missions. They all have seen the smoke and felt the heat and experienced the pressures of command and leadership throughout their careers and have the most inspiring, educational, and extremely valuable life lessons and experiences to share with you. Fire Chiefs have become better leaders, emergency service personnel are better prepared, and young firefighters have been able to get ahead of the educational curve through the numerous courses provided by Elite Command Training.

Firefighter Curriculum will include:

Class can be an 8 or 16 hour course. No maximum number of students that can attend (based on training room size). Please provide a detailed scope of work (what exactly is your agency looking for) and what type of hosting training facility (LCD projector, screen, room sound, total student room accommodations) to Elite Command Training. This will allow us to adequately develop an accurate instructional proposal.

  • Brief history of how FBOR came in to law, identifying due process rights and protections.
  • Define, Explain and Demonstrate: investigation & interrogation (how to, both written and verbal), information gathering, how to use broad based questions in difficult situations.
  • When to call a “time-out”, non-punitive and punitive process and actions, one-year statue of limitations.
  • When does the clock stop or tolled (situations and exceptions).
  • How to deliver verbal and written non-punitive process (counseling, instruction, verbal admonishment, discussion).
  • One personnel file, adverse comments, personal journals, documentation process.
  • Do’s and Don’ts for officers, post interrogation rights, who is covered and who is not covered under FBOR.
  • One personnel file, locker and/or personal space storage searches.
  • What is the an arrest, live scan process and department notification, DMV pull notices, notification, thorough explanation of criminal and legal investigative processes and how it transitions into the administrative investigative process.
  • Close the class with numerous FBOR scenarios where students will apply what they have just learned for maximum retention value.
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