Chief Fire Officer 3C: General Administration Functions – Fullerton FS 6, CA

///Chief Fire Officer 3C: General Administration Functions – Fullerton FS 6, CA
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It is critical that you take this from an instructor who will NOT read powerpoint slides to you.  If you’re tired of paying a fee and getting a “B” for classes you attend and sitting through these classes where the instructor is not qualified to teach the topics of the class!


Meeting the requirements for Company Officer


California State Fire Training Certificate


Complete all activities and formative tests. Complete all summative tests with a minimum score of 80% correct.

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Dress is casual, but respectful and uniforms are okay as well. Please bring a laptop computer to class each day. Student materials are on flash drives.

Course Description

The NEW Chief Fire Officer Series of Classes 

The course topics are developed upon NFPA 1021 Standards for Fire Officer.  

This Chief Fire Officer series class will be taught by Fire Captain Eric Saylors from Sacramento Fire Department.  IMPORTANT: please read Captain Saylors’s articles before you come to this class at:

  • Quantifying the Negative: The true value of the Fire Service 
  • Fire Departments are response models, not production models
  • How Statical Forecasting in Fire Departments has lead to Tragic Results

Captain Eric Saylors has a Masters Degree in Homeland Security from the Post Naval Graduate College, and a Bachelors Degree in Finance.  He has been the subject matter expert with the development and implementation of numerous informational management systems within his department and many others.  Captain Saylors pragmatic style of instruction provides the “adult learner” with most down to earth and relevant information for the administration/supervision/management/leadership environments today.  He provides you with the information you need to know, so that you can apply your new knowledge into your day-to-day duties.  This class will improving your knowledge, skill sets and abilities for the Chief Officer position.  If you’re looking to promote to the next level and be at the top of your promotional list then this class is for you!!

This course provides students with a basic knowledge of administrative requirements related to the roles and responsibilities of a Chief Fire Officer including directing a department record management system, analyzing and interpreting records and data, developing a model plan for continuous organizational improvement, developing a plan to facilitate approval, preparing community awareness programs, and evaluating the inspection program of the AHJ.

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