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Bill Ogden

Bill Ogden


Forty plus years of coordinating the training of firefighters, through the ranks of fire chief. Retired Fire Captain, Training Officer, and Deputy Operations Officer for the City of Huntington Beach Fire Department. Chief of Fire Training Retired Director of Fire Technology and Chief of Fire Training Santa Ana College (Rancho Santiago College). Developed the program from 380 enrollments to over 9,000 at the time was the largest fire training program in the world. Education: Earned Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California AA Degree in Fire Science, BS degree; Vocational Education Cal State Long Beach, Originated, designed developed, promoted and supported the establishment of the Orange County Fire Service Over Achievers Club which has been copied by many of the major fire protection agencies across the state and nation. Greatest honor: Promoted to Fire Chief, by acclimation, of the Orange County Fire Chiefs Association, representing 26 agencies. Special Projects: Under the direction of Biddle and Associates, led the development of the first all rank EEOC Guidelines Oriented job Analysis designed to encompass Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines and to increase employment opportunities for Basic Fire Academy Graduates. This project enabled agencies to hire our Academy graduates directly without testing.

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