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Beginning 2019 for registered instructors, accredited regional training programs and accredited local academy the task-book will be required.  Task-books have been available since 2016 and are already required to get the final “Instructor 1” certificate. For company officer certificate you do not need to complete a task-book, the instructor 1 course completion will suffice.


Starting January 1 2019, NEW Instructors applying to teach CFSTES / FSTEP courses will be required to meet the following requirements:

  • Instructor 1 Certification (40 Hours Instructional Experience and Completed Task Book)
  • Instructor II Certification (40 Hours Instructional Experience and Completed Task Book)
  • Regional Instructor Orientation (RIO) completed within (2) years of application date
  • Ethical Leadership in the Classroom and have a signed SFT Instructor Code of Ethics on File


Starting January 1, 2019, NEW Instructors for the Fire Fighter I and II Academies will be required to meet the following requirements

  • Instructor 1 Certification (40 Hours Instructors Experience and Completed Task Book)
  • Ethical Leadership in the Classroom

Designed For

 If you are seeking to become an effective company officer this class is for you.


Meet the educational requirements for firefighter II


Ca. State Fire Training Certificate


Complete all activities and formative test. Complete all summative test with a minimum of 80% correct.

Course Details

Dress is casual, but respectful and uniforms are okay as well.

Course Description

This course provides the skills and knowledge needed for the entry level professional instructor to perform his or her duties safely, effectively, and competently.  The curriculum is based on the 2012 edition of NFPA 1041 Standards for fire service instructor professional qualifications.  At the end of this course, candidates for instructor I certification will be able to teach and deliver instruction from  a prepared lesson plan utilizing instructional aids and evaluation instruments.  The Instruction I will also be able to adapt a lesson plan and complete the reporting requirements to the local jurisdiction.

Captain Brad Amaral will be your instructor for this class: He will provide you with the necessary skill sets to be a fantastic fire service instructor

As with all of Elite Command Training Classes, please bring a laptop computer with USB port to class each day.  Your student materials will be on flash-drives.


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