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For the aspiring company officers and those of you who are tired of taking boring classes from training companies whose instructors are terrible.  Come with us on a fantastic educational journey where you will receive “depth” of instruction to improve your knowledge, skill sets and abilities as a company officer.

Ask those who have taken the terrible company officer courses from training companies whose primary focus is to read the powerpoint slides and you learn absolutely nothing about the job.  You get a certificate, but not the necessary knowledge required to do the job well.  Now, ask those who have taken Elite Command Training’s company officer series classes and everyone will tell you that the instructors’ knowledge and experience provided an adult learning environment by sharing the most relevant items you need to know to perform skillfully and effectively as a company officer is the only way to go.


Meeting the Education Requirements of Firefighter II


California State Fire Training Certificate


Complete all activities and formative tests. Complete all summative tests with a minimum of 80% correct.

Course Details

The class will begin at 0830. Dress is casual but respectful and uniforms are okay as well. Please bring a laptop with you to class each day. Student materials will be on flash-drives.

Course Description

This course provides information on conducting inspections, identifying hazards and addressing violations, performing a fire investigation to determine preliminary cause and securing the incident scene and preserving evidence.

The students will perform live-fire prevention inspections in the following Occupancy Classifications:  Group B, A, H, M & S occupancies.  The opportunity in this class for practical on-site inspections provides the students with a fantastic learning opportunity to put the classroom learning to use.  The students will be provided with the California Fire Inspection Guide in the classroom as well as during the inspection.  The fire prevention inspection will include focus on the following hazard areas: extinguishers, exiting, housekeeping, electrical, hazardous materials, and miscellaneous threats.  


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