Company Officer 2B: General Administration – Glendale FS 21 – November 2018

///Company Officer 2B: General Administration – Glendale FS 21 – November 2018
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Designed For

For the aspiring company officers and those of you who are tired of taking boring classes from training companies whose instructors are terrible.  Come with us on a fantastic educational journey where you will receive “depth” of instruction to improve your knowledge, skill sets and abilities as a company officer.

Ask those who have taken the terrible company officer courses from training companies who’s primary focus is to read the powerpoint slides and you learn absolutely nothing about the job.  You get a certificate, but not the necessary knowledge required to do the job well.  Now, ask those who have taken Elite Command Training’s company officer series classes and everyone will tell you that the instructors knowledge and experience provided an adult learning environment by sharing the most relevant items you need to know to perform skillfully and effectively as a company officer is the only way to go.


Meeting the educational requirements of firefighter II


California State Fire Training Certificate


Complete all activities and formative test. Complete all summative tests with a minimum of 80% correct.

Course Description

This course provides information on general administrations functions and the implementation of department policy/procedures, and conveying the fire departments, role, image and mission to the public.

You will learn how to develop a training plan by evaluating and prioritizing training mandates.  You will develop a station and battalion budget, while understanding the basic components of budget process and presentation techniques for your chain-of-command.   Student will also develop and utilize a problem statement “format” with a written document through to your chain-of-command, (problem/issue chosen in class).  Students will write “class format provided” regarding a response to citizens complaints.  

Course Details

Class will begin at 0830. Dress is casual, but respectful and uniforms are okay as well. Please bring a laptop computer with you to class each day.

Please join us for the Company Officer Series classes at Glendale Fire Station 21 – beginning October 2018 to February 2019


This class will be offered on a 2.5-day format, 20 hour class, which may have pre-coursework and homework.


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