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Scott Kuhlman


Years’ Experience: 19

Professional Summary:

Scott Kuhlman has over 24 years of firefighting experience and over 19 years of conducting fire/explosion origin and cause investigations for both the Garden Grove Fire Department and the insurance industry. He has conducted over 1,400 fire origin and cause investigations including residential, commercial, industrial, vehicles, etc. He has over 1650 hours of training focused on fire investigation and has instructed over 400 hours of fire science and fire investigation training. He was selected as a member of the 2016 California State Cadre for curriculum development for the state Fire Arson Program. He has been supervising investigators for more than 11 years and has developed training for both suppression crews and public fire investigators. Currently is on the Board of Directors for the California Conference of Fire Investigators.

Licenses and Certifications:

Certified Fire Investigator, IAAI   # 22-050420
Certified Instructor, IAAI   # 22-050420
Evidence Collection Technician, IAAI # 157
Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator, NAFI, #16625-8917iv
Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, NAFI #16625-8917i
California State Fire Training Instructor, CSFM, Ca, # 10021694
Knowledge 1 Fire Dynamics Tier 1, IAAI
Forensic Fire investigator, National Code Services Association, # 921-1042.11
Asbestos Awareness Training, Safety Unlimited, Ca, # 15011962129753
Certified Fire Investigator Instructor, NAFI, # 16625-8917i
Firefighter l and Firefighter ll, California State Fire Marshall, CA, # 1607124/234195
Fire Officer Certification, California Sate Fire Marshall, #150-2302A
HAZWOPER 40 hour, OSHA, #1703051191180

Court Qualifications/ Depositions:

United States Fire Insurance Company Vs Alfidail, Deposition, May 2005
Superior Court Orange County California # 04CC10686

United States Fire Insurance Company Vs Alfidail, Court Room Testimony, October 2005
Superior Court Orange County, California # 04CC10686

David Roberts, Sheri Roberts and Prestige Pools, Inc. Vs Vallecitos Water District,
Deposition, February 17, 2016, Superior Court San Diego, California,
# 37-2015-00016823-CU-EI-NC

Carol Sue Oglivie Vs Southern California Edison Company, Deposition, February 8, 2017,
Superior Court San Diego, California # 30-2016-00835398-CU-PO-CJC

Universal North America Insurance Company Vs Jesus Diaz, Court Room Testimony, February 5 2019,
Stanislaus Superior Court, California # 2026732

Professional Experience:

EFI Global, Los Angeles CA, Fire Investigator, 2016 – Current

Red Helmet Training, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Fire Instructor, 2016 – Current

Advanced Analysis, Lake Elsinore, CA, Fire Investigator, 2009-2016

North Orange County ROP, Yorba Linda CA, Instructor Fire Science, 2012 – 2015

Garden Grove Fire Department, CA, Fire Investigator, 2000-Current

Garden Grove Fire Department, CA, Captain, 2013- Current

Garden Grove Fire Department, CA, Engineer, 2003 – 2013

Garden Grove Fire Department, CA, Firefighter/Paramedic, 1995 – 2003

Garden Grove Fire Department, CA, Firefighter, 1994 – 1995

Specialized Education:

CCAI Conference, February 2019
Motor Vehicle Fire investigation 3 Day IAAI, 2019
Motor Vehicles: Transmission, Exhaust, Brakes and Accessory Systems, 2018
Motor Vehicles: Engine, Ignition, Electrical and Fuel System, 2018
Investigating Motor Vehicle Fires, 2018
Fire Chemistry,2018
Understanding Undetermined, 2018
Process of Elimination, 2018
Hands-On Vehicle Fire/Arson Investigation, 2018
CCAI Conference, 2018
Advanced Principles of Fire Dynamics, 2018
IAAI / ATF Electrical Aspects of Fire Investigation, 2017
NAFI Vehicle Fire, Arson & Explosion Investigation Science & Technology Seminar, 2017
Evidence Collection Technician Practicum / Instructor, 2017
IAAI International Training Conference, 2017
NAFI National Fire, Arson & Explosion Investigation Training Program, 2017
Arson Investigators Subrogation Webinar Series – One Dimensional vs Two-Dimensional Fire Investigation Experts NASP, 2017
Thermometry, Heat and Heat Transfer, 2017
Fire Officer Certification, California Sate Fire Marshall, 2017
Automotive Forensic Seminar, 2016
Ignition, Self-Heating and Spontaneous Combustion, 2016
NFA 40 hour Electrical Aspects of Fire Investigation, 2016
32 Hour NAFI Convention, 2016
Fire Physics for Wildland Fire Investigations, 2016
Arson Case Management, 2016
Investigation of Commercial Kitchen Fires, 2015
Terrorism Liaison Officer (TLO) Basic, 2015
Residential Natural Gas Systems, 2015
Investigating Natural Gas Systems, 2015
Expert Witness-testifying in Depositions & Trials, 2015
Surviving Daubert Challenges, 2015
A Fresh Look at Fire Dynamics, 2015
Report Writing for Fire Investigators, 2015
Forensic Photography NFPA 1033 and 921, CCAI NCIS, 2015
Chemistry of Fire, 2015
Hands on Electrical Fire and Arson Investigation, 2015
Anatomy of Wrongful Arson Conviction, 2015
Evidence Collection, ATF CCAI, 2015
40 hour NFPA 1033 Compliance Training, CCAI, 2015
Beginners Photography Class, Exposure, 2015
NFPA 921 Solid-Fuel and Gas Burning Appliances, 2015
Asbestos Awareness Training, 2015
Indoor Marijuana & Butane Hash Oil Lab Fires, 2014
Critical Thinking for Hypothesis Testing, 2014
Forensic Photography, West Virginia University. 2014
IAAI Annual Conference, 2014
NFPA 921 and 1033 Practical Application, 2014
Evidence Examination at the Lab, 2014
Documenting the Event, 2014
DNA, 2014
Residential Electrical Systems, 2014
Advanced Fire and Arson Investigation, CCAI, 2014
Origin Determination Using NFPA 921, 2014
Certified Forensic Fire Investigator, NCSA, 2014
Basic Electricity, 2014
NFPA 921 and 1033 2014 Review, 2014
Ten Most Common Fire Scene Errors, 2013
Knowledge 1 Fire Dynamics Tier 1, IAAI, 2013
Documenting the Fire Scene based on 921, 2013
Search and Seizure, 2013
Fire Dynamics Calculations, 2013
IAAI Annual Conference, 2013
NFPA 1033 and Your Career, 2013
Ethics and the Fire Investigator, 2013
Fundamentals of Interviewing, 2012
Introduction to Evidence, 2012
Writing Origin and Cause Report, 2012
Investigation of Gas and Electrical Appliance Fires, 2012
Ventilation Impact of Building Structures, 2012
ATF Fire Dynamics for Investigators, 2012
Electrical Safety, 2012
ATF Electrical Fire Investigation, 2012
Electronic Evidence in Fire Investigation, 2011
NFPA 921 2011Update, 2011
Fire Pattern Recognition Certification, 2011
NFPA 921 Report Writing, 2010
NFA Origin and Cause 2 week Academy, 2010
Residential Electricity for Fire Investigators, 2010
Post Flashover Fires, 2009
Scientific Method for Fire and Explosion Investigation, 2009
Understanding Fire through Candle Experiments, 2009
Further training upon request


Bachelor of Science, Emergency Management, Union Institute and University, CA, 2016
Associates of Arts, Fire Science, Coastline Community College, CA, 2008


International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI)
International Association of Fire Investigators (IAFI)
International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)
National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI)
California Professional Firefighters (CPF)
California Conference of Arson Investigators (CCAI)
Orange County Arson Task Force (OCATF)
Orange County Terrorism Liaison Officer, (OCIAC)

Courses Instructed/ Guest Lecturer:

Fire Origin and Cause Determination
Techniques of Fire Investigation
Fire Investigation for the First responder
Fire Effects and Pattern Recognition
921 and 1033 update
Basic Fire Investigation
California State Fire Investigation Classes
Live Burns for the insurance industry

Honors and Awards:

California Conference of Arson Investigators, Member of the Year 2018

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