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Rick Griggs


CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department

Rick Griggs began his fire service career in 1986 as Fire Explorer with the Los Angeles County Fire Department.  He was hired as an Ocean Lifeguard where he spent 10 years prior to his fulltime fire service career.  Rick has worked as Firefighter/Paramedic, Engineer/Paramedic, Fire Captain/Paramedic, and Battalion Chief.  During his career he has held assignments on Engine and Truck Companies.  Also assigned a Paramedic Coordinator, Department Safety Officer, Training Officer, Academy Instructor and Instructional Cadre Lead.  He has been assigned to several type I Incident Management Teams in various roles including nine years as the  IMT Safety Officer.  During that time, he responded to dozensl of the most complex all hazard incidents throughout the state of California.  Rick is a qualified Type I Safety Officer, Type I Public Information Officer, Incident Commander Type III, Operations Section Chief Type II, Division/Group Supervisor, Strike Team/Task Force Leader, Medical Unit Leader, and Serious Accident Review Team Member.  He was a member of CA-USAR Task Force 6 and a Team Leader of the Riverside County Swift Water Rescue Team.  He holds an Associates Degree in Fire Science from Long Beach City College and bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Brandman University.  He is a certified Chief Fire Officer by the California State Fire Marshal and has been a licensed Paramedic for 27 years.

Throughout his career Rick has been actively involved in firefighter training and safety.  He has been a registered California State Fire Training Instructor for over 20 years and instructed several hands on and classroom courses.  He was the CAL FIRE S404/L954 Safety Officer Cadre lead for 8 years. He also was a member of the Public Information Officer, Serious Accident Review and S420 Instructional Cadres.  He has a passion for firefighter safety and worked closely with the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation as the Region 9 Regional Advocate for the Everyone Goes Home Program for several years.  Rick is the proud father of three teenage boys and lives in Orange County, California.

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