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Carlos Camarena


Chief Camarena began his fire department career in 1987 as a Paid Call Firefighter with the Orange County Fire Department/Authority. Chief Camarena began his full-time career with the Department of Defense in 1992 and currently works at the Camp Pendleton Fire Department in San Diego County. Throughout the years, he has served as a firefighter, engineer, captain, training captain and most recently for 4 years as an operations division chief, fire department communications manager and a strike team leader.

Chief Camarena has always had a passion fire service training throughout his career. Chief Camarena has been instrumental in the career development and mentoring of personnel to include; authoring the firefighter, driver operator and acting captain task books for his organization. Due to the size and complexity of his organization, Chief Camarena was instrumental in implementing the training division at the Camp Pendleton Fire Department. Chief Camarena’s philosophies are firefighter safety, leading from the front, leading by example and categorizes himself as a true leader who always put the individuals under his command first. Chief Camarena has always been a person who maintains the true definition of professionalism and upholds the traditions of the fire service to the fullest.

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